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June 4, 2012, 1:34am Report to Moderator
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     God is God.
     Have we, our churches, Christianity, and our country not strayed from this premise?
     If we are to return to God, this is the place to start.  God must be God.  We are not God.  Our ideas are not God.  Our country is not God.  Politics is not God.  IPad is not God.  God is God.
     Let's start with ourselves.  What would our lives be like if we truely believed that God is God?  Wouldn't He be the most important thing to us?  Wouldn't we spend all of our time doing what He wants?
     What needs to change?  Don't we need to take ourselves (or whatever else is there) off the throne and put God back?  Don't we need to be spending time praying to God?  What would our prayers be like if God is God?  Don't we need to be reading and obeying His book?
     Making God God is the most important thing we can do.  Don't just read this article and forget it.  Stop and think about it.  Spend the rest of your life thinking about it.  I find myself so far away from God being God in me.  I am changing but it will take a long time and a lot of changing.  "It is necessary for that Person to be growing and for me to be made less." (John 3:30 BV).
     God deserves all of our time and effort.  I know that is a lot to ask, so let me encourage you to start with spending one hour a day reading the Bible and praying (read my article on prayer here).  Turn off the nightly news or some other unimportant activity that is wasting your time and spend one hour reading about and talking to the Almighty (with the premise that He is God).  Hopefully that will expand into giving more to God but for now concentrate on giving Him an hour.

     Will you be one for the One?  Will you give one hour to Him?

     If you can't give an hour of your day to God then one thing is certain.  God is not God to you.  Argue and make excuses all you want but you have other gods in your life that are more important to you than God.  Open your eyes.  Dethrone those fake gods and make God God.

     "You will bow down to the Master, your God, and minister to Him alone." (Matthew 4:10b BV)
     "'You will love the Master, your God, with your whole heart, with your whole soul, and with your whole mind." (Matthew 22:37 BV)

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Ray on the Bible    Exploring a Nontraditional Bible    God is God  ›  Let's Start with the Premise that God is God

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