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(timao G5091, time G5092)

Quiz - Choose the answer that is closest to what you think HONOR is.
A - honesty
B - value
C - show respect
D - high public esteem

Problem - Outdated, Misleading

KJV Example - "Honour thy father and thy mother." (Matthew 19:19a)

Explanation - In English, honor has many meanings: honesty, integrity, respect, recognition, value, fame, high public esteem, and a source of credit and distinction. The verb means to treat with honor. So when the Bible says, "Honor your parents," what does it mean? What are we supposed to do?
   The three Greek words translated as honor in the King James Version do not have such a wide range of meaning.
   The first is doxa (G1391). Doxa is the Greek word for glory. The King James Version translates it as honor 7 times, glory 155 times, praise 4 times, dignity twice, and worship once. It could and should always be translated as glory (or as I translate it, magnificence). It is not honor.
   The other two Greek words are related. One is the verb form (timao) and the other is the noun (time). The general meaning of these two words is value.
   In the King James Version the noun is translated as honor (33 times), price (8 times), sum (once), and precious (once).
   The noun is translated as price sometimes, but that is alright because in English a price is what something is valued at. We do not go to the store, pick up an item, look at the price tag, and say, "Its value is $1.95." But in Greek, they do. We say, "Its price is $1.95." So sometimes this noun should be translated as price instead of value.
   The verb is translated as to honor (19 times) and to value (twice).
   7 of the 21 times this verb is used in the New Testament, it is a quote of the commandment, "Honor thy father and thy mother."
   So what does that mean? How should we treat our parents? We should value them. We are to see our parents as valuable.
   In the Bible, honor is value.

Modern Synonym - value

Bible Version Tally - hono(u)r (46 of 51), (show) respect (5 of 51)

Breakthrough Version - "Value your father and mother." (Matthew 19:19a)

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