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The following article is taken from the book, Top Ten Bible Verses in High Definition. To buy click here.

John 14:6 in High Definition

Low Resolution

Key: [CAP] = Should be Capitalized, [ML] = Misleading, [OD] = Outdated, [T] = Wrong Tense, [WT] = Wrong Translation, [X] = Not in Greek, [-] = Greek Word not Translated

Jesus saith[OD] unto[OD] him, I am the way[CAP], the truth[CAP], and the life[CAP]: no man[OD] cometh[OD] unto[OD] the Father, but[WT] by me[CAP].

Jesus said[T] to him, “I am the way[CAP], and the truth[CAP], and the life[CAP]. No one comes to the Father except through me[CAP].

High Definition

Jesus says to him, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one goes to the Father except through Me.

The Improvements

saith, said -> says
   "Saith" is an outdated way to say "says". It is present tense. "Said" in the ESV is past tense. In the Greek text it is present tense, "says".

unto -> to
   "Unto" is an outdated word for "to".

way, truth, life, me -> Way, Truth, Life, Me
   These words refer to Jesus and so they should be capitalized.

no man -> no one
   "No man" is an outdated way of saying "no one".

cometh|comes -> goes
   "Cometh" is an outdated way to say "comes". It is present tense. The Greek word for "comes" is erchomai, a common root word for go. It can also be translated as "come" if the direction of going is toward the speaker. In this verse the direction of going is not toward Jesus (the speaker, who at this time was on the earth and not with the Father) but toward the Father. So a more exact translation is "goes" instead of "comes".

but -> except
   There are two different words for "but" in Greek (de, alla). Neither of these is in this verse. The Greek text says ei (if) ma (not) which is often translated as "except".

The Big Picture

   In this chapter Jesus is preparing His apostles for His death. Thomas asked how they could know the way. This is Jesus’ answer.
   There is only one way to God and that is through Jesus. He not only is the Way, He is the Truth and the Life. Do you want to know the truth about God and everything else? Look at Jesus. Do you want to know how to live life? Look at Jesus.
   Many people are offended by the Bible and Jesus because of this verse. It is exclusive. It eliminates everyone else. They think that a religion should include everyone and every idea.
   Jesus is the only way because He is the true and right way. Everyone else is wrong and liars. I am sorry about that, but that is the way it is.
   Is it offensive to these same people to say that everyone must breathe oxygen to live? Oxygen is exclusive. It eliminates all other gases. Should we allow people to fill their homes with whatever gas they want? No, because we don’t want them to die and without oxygen they will die. Likewise, without Jesus no one can make it to God.

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