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Posted by: Ray, June 30, 2017, 4:34pm

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Looking for a Contemporary Church

   Many years ago, I started looking for a contemporary church.
   I have been to many, but none that are really contemporary.
   Yes, they have contemporary music and a contemporary look, but they still have the same problem that all churches have.
   The words they speak are not contemporary. Gospel, disciple, grace, righteousness, and many more of their words were replaced by newer words hundreds of years ago.
   The outside world does not understand them, but neither do they.
   Why don't contemporary churches (and all churches for that matter) update their words to words everyone uses and knows?
   My guess is that it is because they don't know how and because their Bibles have not updated them.
   Even contemporary Bibles still use the old words.
   I did a simple thing to correct this, something that required seven years of training and thirty years of word studies, but something that no one else had thought to do.
   I wrote a literal Bible version (the Breakthrough Version and the Breakthrough KJV) in contemporary words, not slang, but words that we all use in our everyday life, words everyone knows, today's words, not 1611 words. Isn't this what every Bible translation should do?
   I have also produced a video series on YouTube (the Bible Words Exposed series) to explain and prove what the traditional words really mean in the Bible and what contemporary words should replace them.
   If you want your talk about God to join the twenty-first century, you must update your Bible and update your vocabulary.
   These tools will make your words contemporary and correct.

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