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This is part of the Help contents for A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner.
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1.  Start A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner (also known as A1 Cleaner).
2.  Click on the Next button.
3.  This takes you to a screen with three big buttons: Clean PC, Remove Tracks, and Run Settings.  Clean PC runs default settings which will safely clean your harddrives (go to Clean PC section for more details about what is cleaned).  Remove Tracks runs default settings which will safely remove traces of your activity on your computer (go to the Remove Tracks section for more details about what is cleaned).  Run Settings runs the settings which you have set in the Cleaner Settings section of A1 Cleaner (by default these are set up to do the same thing as Clean PC).  You can click on the little Change Settings button to take you to the Cleaner Settings section of A1 Cleaner.
4.  Clicking on one of these three buttons will start A1 Cleaner's scan.  The types of files scanned are shown, its status (Disabled, Waiting, and Scanning), and the number of files found for each type.  At the bottom, the current directory being scanned is shown.  If you want to stop the scan, click on the Stop Scan button.  Under the Stop Scan button is the total number of items found.  During this scan nothing is deleted or changed on your computer.
5.  When the scan is finished or if you clicked on the Stop Scan button, the "Problems Found on Your Computer" screen is shown.  The problems found are listed in the listbox.  To expand a section and view the individual items, click on the + (plus) sign.  The color of the icon appearing at the left of each item shows the safety of removing the item.  Green is Completely Safe.  Yellow is Mostly Safe.  Yellow and Red is Safe.  And Red is Not So Safe.  The section heading gives the type, the safety level, and a short description.
6.  It is recommended that you look through the results and confirm that they are files which may be deleted (especially the yellow and red, and red ones).  To print out the list, click on the Print List button.  This will print out each item to your printer.
7.  If there are items (files) which should not be deleted, select them (hold down on Ctrl or Shift to select more than one) and remove them from the list using the "Entries Not to Clean" button.  This removes them from the list but does not delete the actual file.
8.  If you want A1 Cleaner to always skip the items when it is doing its scan (which would mean that these are files that you do NOT want cleaned from your computer), select the items (hold down on Ctrl or Shift to select more than one) and click on the "Entries to Always Skip" button.
9.  When you are sure that you want all of the items in the listbox to be removed, click on the big Clean button.
The Trial Version of A1 Cleaner only cleans ten problems.  To remove all of the problems you must purchase A1 Click Ultra PC Cleaner.
10.  While A1 Cleaner is deleting the items (using its special "No Remains Deletion" process) a progress bar and text appears and the Clean button turns to a Stop button.  Bigger files may take several minutes to delete, so even though it seems to be stuck, please be patient so that A1 Cleaner can proceed. 
11.  A1 Cleaner will tell how many items it deleted and how many could not be deleted.  If a file cannot be deleted, it is usually because it is open or being used by another program.  If a directory cannot be deleted, it is usually because it has files in it (only empty directories can be deleted).
12.  Clicking OK on the results message will take you to the "What would you like to do now?" screen.  There are four buttons on this screen. 
   The "Go to Bonus Cleaner Tools" button will take you to the screen which holds A1 Cleaner's six bonus tools
   The "Go to Cleaner Setup" button takes you to A1 Cleaner's settings.
   The "Go to the Undo Lists" button takes you to the Undo screen.
   The Exit button closes A1 Cleaner.