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"I am a hard disk cleaner maniac. I ran eleven other cleaning programs before running A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner and it still found 663 files and shortcuts to clean. No question that I am buying A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner right now." Benno from Hamburg, Germany Complete Testimonial

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"... a real "super" program. The speed difference after using it is quite amazing. And not one problem. Have used other "tuneup" type programs and they are not even comparable. Congratulations on designing worthwhile improvements for the computer user. " Jeff Redcay Complete Testimonial

Ultra PC Cleaner

Powerful, Safe, and Easy-to-use

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  • Fix PC problems
    Avoids system errors and PC crashes by identifying and cleaning up problem files.

  • Speed up your System
    Removes hidden files that do nothing but take up space and slow down your system.

  • Clean Trash on your Computer
    Most computers have close to a gigabyte of trash hiding on them. That is precious hard drive space that could be serving a more useful purpose. Find out how much trash there is on your computer by downloading and trying the trial version.

  • Free Updates
    All future updates are free.

  • Three Ways to Clean
    The main scan of A1Cleaner can be done in one of three ways:

    • A1Click Technology Clean PC
      With one click of the Clean PC button, A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner goes through 45 processes to safely find and remove clutter on your computer. These processes find useless, outdated files which Windows and other programs love to hoard.
    • A1Click Technology Remove Tracks
      With the click of the Remove Tracks button, A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner utilizes 25 processes of the latest technology to find Windows' secret records of your activity and remove them. This prevents others from spying on you. Some of these processes have yet to be discovered by other software. Please be aware that some of these processes may remove wanted features, so only use to remove your tracks.
    • A1Click Technology Do-It-Yourself
      The Run Settings button allows you to run your own specialized settings. These can be configured in the Cleaner Settings section which has an assortment of 87 preset and configurable processes.

  • 6 Bonus Tools
    These bonus tools go beyond other cleaners and help you manage the messy rooms on your computer. The bonus tools are Duplicate File Finder, Font Remover, Recent List, Uninstaller, Registry Cleaner, and Favorites List.

  • A1Click Technology
    A1 performance and A1 safety with the click of a button that's A1Click Technology.

  • No Remains Deletion
    A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner incorporates a special 4 stage strategy when deleting files to insure that hackers will not be able to uncover them later. Without this strategy, deleted files can be recovered and used to spy on you.

  • Automatic Scan
    Set up A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner to run automatically at startup (daily, weekly, every two weeks, or monthly) or with a scheduler. Not available in the Trial version.

  • Undo It
    By default, the questionable files that are deleted are saved for 7 days in undo zip files. You can change this to not save any files, to save all files temporarily or indefinitely, or any combination of this.

  • Keep Windows Running Efficiently

  • 5 Skins to Choose from
    If you get tired of the way A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner looks, choose from one of its other 4 looks. The Skin themes are MacOS, WinXP, DeepBlue, Protein, and BlueGlass.
    A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner during a scan
    50% Screen Shot of BlueGlass skin

  • Runs in all Windows versions except Win95
    Specially formulated to have the maximum benefit in Win98, Win98SE, WinME, WinNT, Win2000, WinXP, WinVista and Win7.

  • Try A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner for FREE (some features are disabled in the Trial version).

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