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EZ File Transplanter
Updates system links as it moves
programs, folders, and files.

Without EZ File Transplanter moving files leads to left behind clutter, errors, and programs not knowing where the file was moved to.

With EZ File Transplanter shortcuts, links, settings, references, and registry entries are moved with the file.

Notice - EZ File Transplanter only moves files and
directories within a computer.
It is not for moving files from one computer to another.

  • Where did the Broken System Links come from?
    For your convenience the Windows system makes many links to files on your computer. Unfortunately, Windows doesn't remap these links when you move files and so you can end up with errors, non-working files, and the clutter of broken links. You may not even know that you have broken system links, but they put a load on your system taking up needed space and eventually may slow down your computer.

  • Moving Programs is the Worst.
    With programs, not only the Windows system links to it, but the program itself probably has many links to itself. Moving it can cause major problems and may even keep the program from running. EZ File Transplanter moves programs without any of the headaches.

  • Easily Move Files and System Links
    Two boxes in EZ File Transplanter show the contents of your drives. Simply drag a folder or program from one box to the destination in the other box. EZ File Transplanter will do the rest by moving the files and remapping their system links.

  • What is File Transplanting?
    File Transplanting is the process of moving files and remapping their system links. Moving files without EZ File Transplanter is like cutting off a plant at the stem and planting it somewhere else, the roots are left behind. Just as transplanting a plant moves the plant and its roots, so File Transplanting moves the file and its links.

  • Transplant Files from Windows Explorer
    The installation program puts an item in Windows Explorer's popup menu to transplant files with a right click.

  • Advanced Tool - Switch Drives
    If you have moved drives on your computer so that their letters have changed, you need to also change the system links. The Switch Drives section allows you to easily do that.

  • Advanced Tool - Find and Replace System Links
    There are situations where the system links need to be remapped. The Map Only section allows you to do that.

  • Undo It
    Undo files are kept for all changes made.

  • Keep Windows Running Efficiently

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