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My Digital Photos - The Essential Companion to
your Digital Camera

50% picture of My Digital Photos

Once you have taken all of those pictures
with your digital camera, then what?

Are they left hidden away in some corner
of your computer, never to be seen again?

Easily View Pictures

You can view your photos as thumbnails, full screen, or as a slide show.

Share your Pictures

Your pictures can be put on a diskette, on a Zip Disk, or on a CD.

Your friend just needs to insert the disk and double click on the file.

Add Captions

Each picture has a caption, can be rotated, can be moved, can be pasted to the clipboard, can be viewed full screen, and can be locked with a password.

Compile into EXE

You can compile the album into an EXE file. The EXE file is all that anyone needs to view your pictures. It includes a viewer which displays your pictures as thumbnail prints or in a slide show. Here are a couple of examples of an album in EXE form.

Sample EXE Albums
Our Vacation to Egypt - Click here to download (853kb).
Our Ministry in Russia - Click here to download (846kb).

Viewer at 50%

Use My Digital Photos for Free

There is no time limit on My Digital Photos. There are nag screens between each of the photos in the viewer. The registered version has no nag screens.

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