Shenzhen HongTian Technology Co., Ltd. - SCAMMERS. October 19th, 2021, 3:32am
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  Author    Shenzhen HongTian Technology Co., Ltd. - SCAMMERS.
Posted: June 14th, 2009, 12:01am Report to Moderator
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The below company is one of the biggest scammers in mobile phones in CHINA, keep away and don't do business with them you will never see your products..!!!

Shenzhen HongTian Technology Co., Ltd

Company details:
Ms Anne Sales Manager

24KL xiaoshu Building,11 Nanyuan Rd.Futian District,ShenZhen.China

How these scammers work.

Nice enough website, on first look you would think they are genuine.

They have an online operator named ANNE, whom seems nice and friendly enough.

Pricing initially for goods was way high, so you think they are genuine enough, then you lower them on price, and after abit of negotiation they agree.

Don't forget these people are in it for the con the scam, so they will invest time into an enquiry.

Once you have agreed to final pricing a PI (proforma invoice) is sent to you pretty quickly, they only accept Western Union or Bank of China payments.

Initially i wanted Paypal because then at least you have some type of security, but they said no on the Paypal as the fee's are too high, even telling them i will add extra to cover the fee's again this was met with no. But they would accept Paypal on a large order,. makes no sense right taking paypal on large orders where the fee's are higher, but not on a small order.?

Well these scammers are relying on you only doing a small order, on average they probably scam USD$1,000 a customer, and if you multiply that by several hundred or several thousand buyers a year, it certainly adds up, and there is nothing you can do unless you visit China and punch these assholes lights out..!!!

Chinese authorities don't care, and police.?? hahahahahhahahah they are just as corrupt..!!!

What it boils down to in the end i wanted these products and because i conduct business all the time, i too have certain criteria i expect from my clients as far as payments go, so i thought nothing of it.

The money was sent via western union, i was assured as soon as payment went out the goods would be packaged up and sent that afternoon via UPS couriers.

The girl on the net was sort of hard to get hold of, but none the less i have done business in China before and the rep is hard to get hold of.

After several late hours i demanded the tracking number, the girl Anne says not to worry goods have been sent, for some reason i did not believe it, finally i get a tracking number from her after i threaten to expose her company as a fraud and liars.

Well needless to say the tracking number she gave me was fake.

After some heated words, she then says UPS turned back the package, and now they must use EMS couriers, i deal with UPS all the time, they never turn back packages.

So after many threats i get the EMS tracking, guess what.? Not even real, cannot track NOTHING, she shows me a EMS package connote with my name and my companies name, but no stamps etc...

I may have only lost money, but these people operate all year round, taking unsuspecting buyers money, with no remorse.

So i encourage all people who have been scammed to do your blog on the companies who have screwed you over, and let Google take care of the rest by indexing their companies names and details.

If you happen to come across this company when searching for Mobile Phones - KEEP AWAY - they may give you a good speel and promise everything is alright, but you will NEVER get your goods no matter how much they say it is on its way..!!!!
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