News Bias December 6th, 2021, 1:37am
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Posted: April 30th, 2013, 11:01pm Report to Moderator
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Many studies on the political leanings of the people who work in the television news industry have found them to be very liberal.  None have shown them to be conservative.  Of course, the News will never report on these studies.

But you don't need to read these studies to know this.  Just look at what is on the nightly news.  

If you watch the News several times a day it is likely you have been numbed to their bias.  But open your eyes and look at what they report.  

Look at how much time they give to the liberal viewpoint and compare that to the amount of time they give to the conservative viewpoint (often the conservative viewpoint is not even mentioned).  Many have complained that conservatives are losing the argument because they do not know how to state their solutions.  If only they would state their solutions, people would flock to them.  This is not true.  

Conservatives are stating their solutions hundreds of times a day but the News turns a deaf ear to conservatives.  If the News doesn't report it, people will think conservatives have no solutions.  And that is what happens.

Yet, the conservative viewpoint is as easy for the News to find as turning on Rush Limbaugh and many, many other conservative voices.  Strangely enough, the News has a hard time finding them.  If the News were fair and balanced, they would include conservative voices much more in their reports.

Look at the reporters' attitude towards the liberal viewpoint compared to the conservative viewpoint (liberals are smart and conservatives are stupid and evil).  Think about the times Rush Limbaugh has made it on the News.  Is it to tell the conservative viewpoint?  Only if it is stupidly stated.  Do they report about how popular and well-liked Rush is?  No, they report about bad things he has done.  The News will always make conservatives appear stupid in their reports.

Compare what the News reported about President Bush and what it reported about President Obama.  The very things they criticized Bush about, when Obama did them, they reported how good they were.  Bush was criticized for playing golf.  Obama was praised for playing golf.  Bush was criticized for going to war.  Obama was praised for going to war.

The amazing thing is how brainwashed people have become to the fact that the News is biased.  Though it is obvious, they deny it.  If you are one of these people, you are probably thinking how stupid I am for pointing it out.  Excuse me.  Go back to watching the News.

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