Health Insurance December 6th, 2021, 2:43am
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Posted: October 19th, 2013, 3:33am Report to Moderator
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   I do not want health insurance.
   I do not want health insurance because it is a waste of money.  Health insurance costs me about ten to one hundred times more than if I paid for health care myself.
   Why is this?  Health insurance (including if the government provides health insurance through a program such as Obamacare) will always cost much more than paying the bills yourself.
   This is because insurance companies and the government are not free.  They pay your bills but they incur expenses in doing so.  They pay people to sign you up.  They pay people to process your claims.  They pay people to administrate their people.  They pay people to help their people.  They pay for buildings to house their employees.  They pay for the paper and equipment to do all of their work,  The list of expenses goes on and on.  Most of your premium pays these extra expenses.  Very little of it goes to pay for actual health care.
   There is no way to get around this.  No matter what is done, health insurance or government provided health insurance will always cost a lot more money than health care.
   Why are people so stupid to pay this extra money for insurance?  There are two reasons.
   One is that the expense is usally hidden from the customer.  When employers provide health insurance the cost is hidden from their employees.  They never see how much they are NOT getting paid so that they can have "free" health insurance.
   Government provided health insurance also tries to hide the costs but sooner or later you will still end up paying for it one way or another.
   I would much rather be paid the cost of my health insurance and put that money in savings.  The savings would finance my health care AND a very nice retirement.
   The second reason why people allow themselves to be ripped off by the insurance scam is fear.  Most people are afraid that an extended hospital stay will wipe them out financially.  The extended hospital stay never happens and they instead allow their finances to be wiped out by insurance premiums.  The probability of a person incurring more hospital bills than his premiums is very, very, very improbable.  Insurance providers have to make money to pay their expenses and so they will always charge more money than your potential bills.  They have to.
   Health insurance is nothing more than a mobster promising "security" for your health at a price.
   Don't fall for the scam.
   Instead save the premiums you would pay to fund a very nice future.
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