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Posted by: 195 (Guest), November 9th, 2007, 3:00pm
I have been trying to connect to a radio station's streaming audio. The buffer loads, sometimes up to 99%, then drops back to zero.
I've deleted one program, McAffee Site Advisor. Are there other programs that interfere with streaming audio and video?
My system:
Gateway Core Duo GT5238E, 1 Gb of DDR2 RAM
Windows XP Pro, Seagate 200 Gb SATA drive
Norton 360
Network Magic

This problem has occurred recently. I used to be able to listen to streaming audio or to watch videos on my computer. It occurs in Firefox, IE6, and Opera. Thanks in advance for help.
Posted by: 34 (Guest), November 9th, 2007, 10:45pm; Reply: 1
Check your firewall settings in Norton 360.
Posted by: 195 (Guest), November 10th, 2007, 6:48pm; Reply: 2
What settings are involved in audio/video streaming?
Posted by: 34 (Guest), November 11th, 2007, 2:07pm; Reply: 3
Open the tasks & settings window and click on change advanced settings.
There you can click on the firewall protection settings. I would enable alerts so you know when the firewall is blocking something, then check the firewall general rules and program rules.
The firewall has to allow the program you are using to connect to the server streaming the audio\video and to allow the data to be transferred to your computer so you can see it. Streaming data usually comes in on UDP.
Posted by: 195 (Guest), November 11th, 2007, 9:18pm; Reply: 4
I received no alerts. I had the alerts turned on. I suspended Norton 360 for 15 minutes, but no improvement occurred.
I have uninstalled Spybot Search and Destroy, AdAware 7 (free edition), McAfee Advisor.
Are there any programs you can think of that poll the internet periodically in a way that would interrupt streaming?
Posted by: 34 (Guest), November 12th, 2007, 9:00pm; Reply: 5
If you received no alerts, the firewall is not blocking the connection. I should have noticed this when you said that the buffer was loading.
The problem would seem to be in the program\plugin you are using to listen to the audio.
Are you using Windows Media Player, RealPlayer or some other.
Here is the trouble shooting page for RealPlayer, as an example.
Posted by: 195 (Guest), November 12th, 2007, 10:34pm; Reply: 6
I am using Windows Media Player. I'll look for troubleshooting information. Thank you.
Posted by: 195 (Guest), November 16th, 2007, 3:37pm; Reply: 7
I uninstalled and reinstalled Windows Media Player 11. No change. I reinstalled RealPlayer, and it works fine. Thanks for the tip to steer me in the right direction.
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