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Posted by: 112 (Guest), April 8th, 2013, 12:42am
   The kind of gun control we need is quite simple.  We need to take guns away from bad people and give guns to good people.  Surely everyone can agree with this.

   There are many examples of robberies, massacres, and murder attempts being stopped by good people with guns.  Police are good people with guns but we cannot afford to hire the amount of police our society needs to control the bad people.  I watched a YouTube video on the eve of the Batman Massacre of a brave citizen who stopped two masked men with guns who entered an internet cafe to rob it.  You will never hear about events like that on the News.

   The problem with most gun control legislation is that it takes guns away from good people and not from bad people.  Bad people do not obey the law.  Good people do.  And so if you make a law that forbids certain types of guns, good people will stop getting those kind of guns but bad people will find ways to get them.  So legislation like this arms bad people with bigger guns and gives good people smaller guns.  That is not what needs to happen.

   Take guns out of the hands of bad people and give them to good people.  This is the only solution for a safe and peaceful society.
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