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Posted by: dietrich (Guest), September 6th, 2006, 1:05pm
I like to have music in the background and it gets bothersome to stop what I am doing and start a new cd or I get tired of the cd and would like to  have a mixed play list.
For  music on the computer,you can play as long as the play list and your media player
    can handle it.
   To make the long play list,I copied all the the mp3 files from the
individual CD mp3 folder to a single folder .You can copy as many mp3 files as you want.
    As a practical manner,I limited the  usually a group of 10 or so  ( about 10 hours of music).
   The copy will carry over the track number
After you have completed placing all of mp3's in the folder,Close  the folder.
   The next time you open the file  the mp3's will sorted   by track number.You can
then choose all of the mp3's on the list then open your task bar File and and choose the player option.The player should     play the first track of all the mp3's in the file and it will then  go to track 2 and play  those  etc.
    This list can also be used to make a regular cd's if you want a mixed play list.
    It is also easy to make a Favorate MP3  File  Folder from this type of list.
It is wise to make a record of the original disk and track uumber of the songs  on the new cd because of the overlap of disks and track numbers.This wll help you to identify the song you are interested in. The titles may not carried over to the cd or cdr.
  I am using Win98se.with Ver 9 MSmedia Player
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