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Posted by: 149 (Guest), March 29th, 2007, 2:01am
I had Time Warner Cable(TWC) Road Runner service(high-speed cable) installed recently on my Panasonic CF-47 Laptop. It turns out that it operates two times SLOWER than Dial-Up!!! I have a W98 O/S. The High-speed cable into the computer measures normal(as measured by a super-tech with TWC). After he left I began using the Net and couldn't believe it! Now bear in mind I had the best tech in the area install the high-speed. This guy measured everything. Very thorough. Many pieces of high-tech equipment.

When he was here he mentioned possible spyware on the system. He also suggested I get an external hard drive and transfer all my files into that. But...this is a big but, why would I have slower(much slower) response time AFTER high-speed cable was installed? The tech also changed out my USB cable to Ethernet. It takes about 30 seconds to bring up anything:email, websites, etc. Please Advise on this major problem. Thanks.
Posted by: 112 (Guest), March 29th, 2007, 11:20am; Reply: 1
   That is something that you should ask your tech guy.  He is able to look at your computer.  We are not.  Any guesses that we might make are just a shot in the dark.
   I seriously doubt that TWC would have anything wrong with their network which would slow it down to be two times slower than dialup.  There could be local problems with your equipment or connection but if he tested the speed and found it to be OK, the problem must be with your computer.
   Ethernet is standard to use on a network and would not cause it to be two times slower than dialup.
   Cable sometimes can take a while to initiate websites but transfer times are definitely faster than dialup.
Posted by: 34 (Guest), March 30th, 2007, 10:49pm; Reply: 2
Everything from the cable network interfaces with your computer through the cable modem and your network card.
Check the drivers for your network card and see if they have been updated. That's my best shot in the dark. :)
Posted by: 195 (Guest), April 1st, 2007, 2:39pm; Reply: 3
You may want to look at your internet settings. I use PCPitstop to test my connection, and they are able to make changes in the network TCP/IP settings.
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