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Posted by: 221 (Guest), November 21st, 2008, 4:18pm
I followed advice from a magazine that Folder Lock was worth a try, locking files and folders against prying eyes by making them only accessible with a password. It seems to work fine, but I decided I didn't need it and stopped using it many months ago. I have only just been able to relate it to a problem I have had, causing my Windows XP system to restart frequently before finishing its startup process. Apparently it creates a file windrvNT.sys, which  interferes with something else during startup. You can delete it or rename it, but it gets created again each time you run Folder Lock. Now I have forgotten the password I used, and I find I can't uninstall the software without it, so I am stuck with the problem indefinitely! I have to make sure I delete the file each time before I switch off. So if you too have the unwanted restart problem, it's probably caused by Folder Lock, and if you want to uninstall it, be sure not to forget the password....
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