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Yes, you read correctly, Free Updates Forever. All of the software at Super Win Software, Inc. come with unlimited updates. Once you purchase a program from us, you will never pay one penny more for that program. That is our guarentee to you.

Software on the Cutting Edge

We upgrade our software regularly to improve it, refine it and make sure that it uses the latest in current technology. To get the latest version just go to the Registered Users section and download it. Even when we release new major versions there is no charge to you.

Those who purchased our software six years ago are still getting free updates. They have saved hundreds of dollars over the years.

Other software companies do not do this.

Beware of Update Schemes

Have you ever purchased a program at the store, brought it home and installed it, only to find that after a year it stops working and requires you to pay more money? This is a scheme that is used more often than software companies would like to admit. The program's box that you so carefully read at the store gave no warning or hint that the software would only work for a year.

Another scheme is to state that updates are free but when you read the fine print or when the next major version is released, you find that only applies to minor versions. These companies have a tendency to release major versions about once a year. If you do not update to their next major version, the program stops working.

The software companies like these deceptive tactics because they make a lot of money from them.

Our Top Rated Software

All of our software (including the ones listed below) have free updates forever. Use the links below to find out more about our award winning software.

  Speed Startup
  RegVac Registry Cleaner
  A1Click Ultra PC Cleaner
  XP Recovery CD Maker
  WinRescue XP
  WinRescue 2000
  WinRescue ME
  WinRescue 98
  EZ File Transplanter

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