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"I recently had a fatal crash of my computer. WinRescue saved not only my computer, but it also retained all my files. If it wasn't for WinRescue I would now be working on re-loading everything from scratch after formating my hard drive." Robert Phillips More Testimonials

WinRescue ME
The Backup and Recovery Tool for Windows ME

"I made a living for many years and still spend a great deal of time evaluating software of one type or another and I must say that WinRescue is one of those gems every PC user should have." Skip Thompson More Testimonials


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Registry Crash Protection
Recover from a Crash in Two Minutes!!!
WinRescue backs up the Registry and important configuration files, packs the Registry, troubleshoots problems, provides fivefold protection from system crashes, backs up any and all files that you desire, and much more (see below).

  • Windows Millennium Won't Start?

      Run WinRescue in Safe Mode or use the WinRescue bootup diskette to restore the Registry from outside of WindowsME.

  • Did a Program Mess up Windows?

    WinRescue makes snapshots of Windows.   If you install a program that messes up Windows, just use the Crash Fixer to restore Windows to the way it was before.

  • FIVEfold Protection
    WinRescue has five ways to restore:
    1. to WinME Backup,
    2. to WinRescue Backup,
    3. to Spare Registry,
    4. from Diskette,
    5. or to Original Registry.

    6. RegPack the Registry
      Removes the mush and rebuilds the Registry decreasing the size of the Registry and allowing WindowsME to run more effieciently. Supports multiple users.

    7. Windows Troubleshooters
      Troubleshooters can help you track down problems in Windows. The following troubleshooters can be run from the Help tab of WinRescue.
      • Active Desktop,
      • Dial-up Networking,
      • Direct Cable Connection,
      • DirectX,
      • Display,
      • Email,
      • Fax,
      • Games and Multimedia,
      • Hardware Conflict,
      • Home Networking,
      • Internet Connections (ISPs),
      • Internet Connection Sharing,
      • Internet Explorer,
      • LAN Network,
      • Memory Problems,
      • Modem,
      • MS-DOS-based Programs,
      • NetMeeting Audio,
      • NetMeeting Connectivity,
      • NetMeeting Program Sharing,
      • NetMeeting Startup,
      • NetMeeting Video,
      • Networking,
      • Power Management,
      • Printing,
      • Safe Mode,
      • Sound,
      • System Setup,
      • Startup and Shutdown, and
      • Video Display.

    8. Start Protecting your Data with WinRescue Now
      Now is the time to start backing up your data.   You never know when something will happen that could wipe everything out.   Be ready with WinRescue. WinRescue can be set up to run automatically.   It can run minimized so that you can go on with your business.
      It is a good idea to back up to another drive.   WinRescue will back up to harddrive, diskette, CD, DVD, DDCD, Zip Drive, Network Drive, and any device that can be copied to in Windows Explorer.

    9. Backup and Restore Wizards
      Wizards provide step-by-step instructions through the backup and restore process.

    10. Open ZIP Files
      The Extractor in WinRescue will open zip files and extract files from them.

    11. An Uninstaller
      Run Backup before installing an application (especially if you are only trying it out).   Then if it messes up your computer or you uninstall it soon afterwards, run WinRescue's Crash Fixer to return your operating system back to the way it was before the application was installed (this will remove the hidden entries that applications often leave in the registry).

    12. Quick Transfer of Files between Computers
      With the Backup Properties set on No Compression and Replace, WinRescue will transfer selected folders and files from one computer to another computer on a network (this works good to keep your laptop in sync with your desktop and vice versa).

    13. Five Backup Types
      • Full Backup backs up all of the specified files.
      • Incremental Backup only backs up files that have changed since the last Full or Incremental backup. Backed up files will not be backed up again until they change.
      • Differential Backup only backs up files that have changed since the last Full or Incremental backup. Backed up files will be backed up again on the next Backup.
      • Replace opens up the Backup File and replaces any of the specified files that are different.
      • Full (Archive not reset) Backup backs up all of the specified files, but does not reset the Archive attribute (this is for programs like Quicken which do not like the attributes of their files changed).

    14. Specify Four Different Configs
      Use WinRescue's default or create up to four different setups (configs) that decide what happens during Backup.   For example, one config could back up the registry to the hard drive, a second config could back up recently changed files to the Zip drive, and a third config could backup other files to a network drive.

    15. Back up Any Files, Directories, or Types of Files that you Want
      Selecting files to back up is as easy as clicking a checkbox from the Explorer-type list.   Wildcards can be used to specify types of files to back up, such as, *.txt for all text files.

    16. Make Emergency Bootup Diskette
      Creates a special bootup diskette for when you cannot get Windows to start in Safe Mode.   Just insert the WinRescue bootup diskette and restart the computer.   The boot disk has tools that can restore CMOS, restore the Boot Sector of the main hard drive, scan and fix the hard drives, and restore the Registry.

    17. Change Target Directory for Backups
      Decide where a Backup Set will be placed.   Back up to hard drive, diskette, Zip Drive, Network Drive, CD, DDCD, or DVD.

    18. Number of Backups
      WinRescue keeps track of how many backups it has made and automatically deletes excess backups.   Choose to allow 1 to 10,000 backups.

    19. Use WinRescue's Defaults.
      If you don't know which files to back up, use WinRescue's default selections.   The following items are available by default.
      • Registry Files
      • Initiation Files
      • Start Menu
      • Desktop
      • Favorites
      • Application Data
      • Recent
      • Net Hood
      • Send To
      • IE Cache
      • Nine Important Files

    20. Automatic Features
      At specified intervals (daily, weekly, bimonthly, monthly, or never) WinRescue Millennium will automatically perform the following operations:
      • Start WinRescue and Wait
      • Back up 1st. Config
      • Back up 2nd. Config
      • Back up 3rd. Config
      • Back up 4th. Config
      • Perform RegPack

      Run any of the above functions at certain times using the Task Scheduler (it comes with WinME).

    21. Backup Manager
      The Backup Manager tells where Backup Sets are located and easily deletes, renames, and adds them.

    22. Verifies Backups
      If you choose, after a backup is made WinRescue will go back and checks the integrity of the backup to make sure that it is good.

    23. DOS Version
      WinRescue Millennium comes with a new DOS version, just in case you cannot get into Windows. The DOS version will restore Windows outside of Windows from the temporary WinME backups, the spare registry, WinRescue backups, or the original registry.

    24. Diskette
      Backup to and Restore from Many Diskettes.

    25. Compress Backup Files
      Choose the Compression Ratio of Backups. Choose from:
      • Do Not Compress
      • Low/Fast Compression
      • Medium Compression
      • High/Slow Compression
      • Higher/Slower Compression
      • Highest/Slowest Compression

    26. Use the Extractor to restore individual files
      The Extractor opens WinRescue backup files, displays the enclosed files, and allows the user to choose which files to restore.   Restore to original location, temporary directory, or to specified location.

    27. PKZip Backups
      Backup Sets that are compressed are PKZip compatible. So if you don't want to use WinRescue Millennium to restore, you can use WinZip or pkunzip.exe in DOS.

    28. Easy Help
      Tips appear when the cursor is over certain buttons.   Help buttons provide immediate access to more detailed help.   Two tutorials are also included.>

Please Note - WinRescue Millennium works ONLY with WindowsME.
For Win95 use WinRescue 95 - For Win98 use WinRescue 98 - For WinNT4 use WinRescue NT - For Win2000 use WinRescue 2000 - For WinXP use WinRescue XP

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