WinRescue 95 Testimonials

I would like to thank those who have registered and used WinRescue 95. Because of you I have the time and means to improve it. And, of course, I would like to thank those who have taken the extra time to send letters of praise for WinRescue 95.

Bill Wells
    I do like your program - have had to use the 95 version a couple of times and it worked fine.

Iain Buchanan
    I have just used your Rescue95 product for the first time and it has fixed a problem in the registry that caused Visual C++ 5.0 installation to die on "Updating Registry".

James Alan Brown
JAB Computers Bristol UK

    As a Computer consultant here in the UK, an excellent software backup program for Windows 95 is a "must"! Having looked and used many backup programs to-date your program is superb in every way.
    I have worked hard to try and "screw-up" my system files and WinRescue95 certainly works every time.

Melvyn Haxby
    I purchased your software because it was the only one which fixed my registry. I tried a number of other shareware "fixit" programs which made no difference.
    Since taking regular backups when installing and removing software, it has "saved" me again when something corrupted my registry.
    It does a real neat job of packing and fixing problems. Well done!

Joop Vrakking
    I appreciate your rescue. I have had various crashes, I do not know why, and had many difficulties to get things running. With your program rebooting is a matter of minutes.

Jack Snyder
Santa Barbara, CA

    You just saved me! Therefore I ordered both WinRescue95 for my wife and 98 for me.

Paul Hobson
    In the past I have used First Aid which takes up a lot of room and has always seemed a little unstable and will NOT work with the Latest IE5 beta on my Win 98 PC.
    Winrescue98 is ideal and works fine on my Win98 PC...... I decided to put Winrescue95 on one of my other PC's running Windows95b. Again it does the job just fine.

Pauli Laatikainen
    I am a happy owner of Winrescue 95! It saved my life today after my registry almost destroyed! Now my computer works perfectly(after using WinRescue 95).

Garry Hall
    For almost a year now I have been fighting a problem with my registry. When I boot the system, Win95 comes up okay -- except that I would get the message "Windows encountered an error accessing the system registry. You should restore the registry now and restart your computer....". The only option given was to "Restore From Backup and Restart" or to ignore the message. Of course,the first time I saw this I knew practically nothing about the registry, how to back it up, or how to fix or restore it. Since then I have progressed from having to reload the OS (intitially DOS + Win3.1 + Win95 Upgrade) to using the free Microsoft registry backup programs (CFGBack and ERU) and their registry cleaner (RegClean). Of these I have found ERU to be the most reliable. CfgBack has sometimes "hung" while restoring and it got to the point that it took too long to run. RegClean never really solved my problem.
    About a month ago I went on-line looking for help again (the problem had returned) and found WinRescue 95. I wasn't sure if it could help, but the info your site provided mentioned the ability to fix some problems.
    Three other factors influenced my decision to try your product:
        a. I was desperate and at the worst figured I could reload the OS once again if necessary.
        b. You had a "5 cow" rating from TUCOWS (and good ratings from some others).
        c. I could download immediately and try the program for 30 days.
    Needless to say, WinRescue 95 seems to have taken care of the problem. It still comes back from time to time, but I have found that if I "repack" the Registry it seems to get rid of the problem. I also, have use the backup and restore option and that works quite well also -- much faster than CFGBack.
    For me, WinRescue 95 has made the difference from dreading to start up my computer to finally being able to enjoy it again. It has also reduced a significant source of stress from my family life.

Orvar Haggstrom
Uddevalla, Sweden

    Once again I had a reg crash that your program took me out of.
    I really appreciate your program and have recommended it to three other dentist collegues just now.

Bob Cole
    No questions, just praise.
    As a registered user of WinRescue95 for several months and Win95 for a few years I would like to compliment Super Win on this software. With the proliferation of system setups and configurations currently in use there must certainly be many problems and perhaps negative feedback encountered by your staff, I have so far found this program flawless, smooth, and effortless in its installation and use.
    No software is perfect, but this is as close as I have found.
    Thanks for all your painstaking hard work.

    I would like to thank you so much for this excellent programme, it has saved me from frustration so many times..I don't know what I would do without it. I recommend it to everyone to install Win Rescue 95 as it sure beats having to reinstall everything. The DOS rescue is marvellous and as I mentioned, it has saved my system on a number of occassions. I am very grateful for this marvellous piece of work.

Mike Haslett
    This is one great program!!

Peter B. Siebler
    I want to thank you for Winrescue95 which I found at tucows.
    I was having problems with incessant "Invalid page fault Kernel 32DLL" error messages on IE4 and Netscape and had been advised that Windows 95 would probably have to be reinstalled as it was a registry problem. However I ran your registry "fix" and I haven't had the problem since. You have saved me a lot of time and effort.

Brigitte Wirschell
Eindhoven, Holland

    By the way, Winrescue is really great. It's not only useful in case of a corrupt registry, but I also use it just before installing a new program. If something goes wrong, I simply revert to the most recent backup.

Jim Probus
    WinRescue95 is a fine product and I value it.
    Good Job! Keep up the good work.

Ron King
    The software WinRescue 95 fixed a on going problem I had with my laptop. The problem had got so bad that I could not install any more software without a registry crash.

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