WinRescue 98 Testimonials

I would like to thank those who have registered and used WinRescue 98. Because of you I have the time and means to improve it. And, of course, I would like to thank those who have taken the extra time to send letters of praise for WinRescue 98.

Charlotte Foust
    I pulled your trial version off the ZDNet site and installed it on my brand new squeaky clean Windows 98 installation. It saved me countless hours of frustration when my laptop went into black-screen limbo whenever I tried to access my ISP. The built in system tools and RegClean didn't manage it. But after I ran WinRescue98, I was back in business.

Dr Michael Tedeschi MD
Canberra - Australia

    Despite the sophistication of Windows 98, Norton Utilities etc and numerous other programs, there is nothing around that really does the job of WinRescue. This deceptively simple program is the one that everyone ought to have on their computer but hopes they never have to use!

Paul Hobson
    In the past I have used First Aid which takes up a lot of room and has always seemed a little unstable and will NOT work with the Latest IE5 beta on my Win 98 PC.
    Winrescue98 is ideal and works fine on my Win98 PC...... I decided to put Winrescue95 on one of my other PC's running Windows95b. Again it does the job just fine.

Mike Brenton
    Yesterday I was customizing some of my desktop icons and I ended up messing things up pretty bad. I turned my briefcase icon into a manila folder, among other things, and could not get my old settings back. I finally restored from my last backup floppy, and it worked great; everything is back to normal. Thanks for a great product.

Jerry Hampton
    Keep up the refining of WIN RESCUE 98, its a good program and has saved me a couple of times already.

    Norton Rescue could not start my computer..So I shut in down and used WinRescue. It started OK WR wins again.

Paul Stephen
Newsletter Editor
Winnipeg PC User Group Inc.
"Canada's Third Largest User Group"

    Just ordered WinRescue 98. The VP of our UG put it on my new system for me to try out. Very nice interface and love all the options!!!

    This is a great utility, and saved my bacon 3 different times in my transition from Win95 to Win98.
    I gotta tell ya, I LOVE THIS Program!!!

Kathi Droskinis
    I have been using your product successfully for several months now, and really like it. I have experienced some crashes and feel so much safer knowing that I can restore the system to a healthy state so easily.

Mike Haslett
    This is one great program!!

Jim Harmon
    I've tried the shareware Rescue 98, within a month it Saved my system 8 to 12 times..... My compliments to Ray who apparently knows something the whole Microsoft organization doesn't...

Lowell Allen
Mound, MN

    I purchased WinRescue 98 about a month ago and yesterday was the first time I had to use it to get my system back to normal. After a couple of days of downloading and updating, I wound up with no graphics on my system. I tried rebooting to no avail.
    Enter WinRescue 98. A simple selection of one of my temporary backups and everything is running fine again.
    Thanks for the great work on the software. It sure makes my life easier.

Brigitte Wirschell
Eindhoven, Holland

    By the way, Winrescue is really great. It's not only useful in case of a corrupt registry, but I also use it just before installing a new program. If something goes wrong, I simply revert to the most recent backup.

Christian Reinhardt
Johnson&Johnson Medical GmbH
Codman Division

    5 minutes ago i ordered WinRescue98 after trying it for several days. congrats on this great program :)) i tried many other programs, but WR98 is the first one that made me really happy.

Harri Lehto
    Thank you, Thank you! :) Your program has saved my day.

Joyce Kuras
    I want to tell you how much I appreciate your product. It saved my dad's machine when he crashed and could not even get to a c prompt for over an hour. (I had told him to get it and had him save all his files and registry twice a day so if he installed something, he would run it before bedtime.) When he finally did, we ran rescue.exe and it brought everything back. Wow! My Dad was impressed and I was thrilled.
    I wrote to all my friends and they are all going to buy your product. I am a desktop support at work, and have presented your product to my associates. I will let them know just how important this product is, hope they will buy it too!

Alan E. Scher
    Words can't express how grateful I am to you for WinRescue. Today it proved it's worth 1000 times over. I installed the Windows98 Resource Kit Sampler from the Windows98 cd. After checking it out I decided that I had no real use for it . I went to add & remove programs in the control panel and uninstalled it. I rebooted and got the error"cannot find WINCOM-unable to load windows" I booted into DOS and tried to restore the registry with SCANREG /restore--This has worked for me before, but this time I got the message "bad command or file name." I booted to DOS again and did a restore with WinRescue98 and in 2 minutes I was up and running-GOD bless you!!

Chesapeake VA

    I want to tell you briefly how wonderful and fortuitous that I had read Smart Computing magazine and got your WinRescue98 shareware. Disaster struck and my registry got so screwed up that even Windows98 didn't know it. After much gnashing of teeth and moaning, I finally risked a restore from the rescue floppy I had made. Orgasmic gratification ensued. Everything came back as advertised.........WHAT A PROGRAM!!!
    Thanks again to you and yours for the best priced and effective utility that money can buy (in my humble novice opinion).

Mike O'Connor
Paisley, Scotland

    What a fantastic wee program you have produced in Win Rescue 98...It has saved me so many times..I installed the evaluation copy from a magazine ..and am I glad I did....I have now registered for a full copy on the UK site...I have spent much money on so called protection programs from the 'Big' vendors and they just dont compare to WinRescue 98 what a program !!!!!!!!!!

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