RegVac Testimonials

Here are some of the letters of praise that we have received for RegVac.

Craig Scherer
CEO and President
Med X Change, Inc.

    I have nothing but great things to say about RegVac.
    I run a small company and have 22 years in computer software and hardware. I have extensive knowledge of the windows environment and have to say that RegVac is an incredible software package. I am continuously trying out new software and use RegVac to help me keep my registry clean.
    I recently upgraded my laptop to XP which is a complete dog for speed. Utilizing RegVac and a couple other programs I was able to remove my of the things that causes XP to be so slow.
    I use RegVac about once a week to clean my system and I recommend it on a regular basis to friends and employees.

Jim Sullivan
    I am a registered user. Usually I have misgivings about software downloaded from the web. But RegVac works exteremely well for me. It is efficient and keeps my registry lean and mean. I give your product 5 stars for all it''s functions. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

Mr. John McDermott Sr.
    As for me REGVAC is the BEST reg cleaner I have used. Its better than any others that I have used.

Bob Hilke
    RegVac is excellent at cleaning the register. You did a great job!

Roland Kiefer
    Yesterday I tried RegVac. It seems to be much better than all other utilities for this purpose. So I cleaned up my registry with Norton Utilities (WinDoctor), afterwards started RegVac - and was surprised how many useless entries RegVac still found. It's really great! It's also very functional and easy to use. Congratulations!

John F. Beaulieu
    RegVac is very efficient and a joy to use. It is the best.

Arve Jensen
    When Reg Vac cleaned my system the first time, it removed 350 entries. I have 6 other very good registery cleaner software, but they do not do what RegVac do.
    Before RegVac I got error messages in XP Home Edition everytime that I booted my computer. After using RegVac, no errors.
    I use LAN and surf the net 24 hours a day. After cleaning with RegVac, my connection sped up.

Jim Gatos
    Your RegVac is the answer to my nightmare! I can't believe how well it works. I was ready to format my hard drive before I found your program (I had a bad copy of McAfee Anti Virus on my machine). RegVac fixed it. Thank you.

Burr Stephens
    Just ran your RegVac program and several of the applications are now initializing several times faster than before. GOOD PRODUCT.

Margaret Johnson
    I have been using RegVac for a year now, and wouldn't be without it.

Jim Samms
    I've used RegVac for a couple years now with no problems, in fact, it's rare that I like a program enough to purchase it. I paid for RegVac and use it almost everyday.

    RegVac along with WinRescue has saved me from many computer disasters.

Nirmal P Chacko
    I have found Regvac to be a superb utility.

Brian Fowler
    I am very happy with RegVac and the support I have received. It saved the day after installing CorelDraw 9; my system would not boot into normal mode. Booted into safe mode and ran RegVac, then no more problems.

Wilson Pollard
    I can crash ANYTHING but RegVac and WinRescue make it a no brainer to recover.

E. J. Liebgott
    RegVac does exactly what it is suppose to do: removes and cleans the Registry plus a few other features. RegVac and WinRescue are 2 products that regularly help us keep our workstations at perk performance. Five Stars IMHO

Habeeb Qadri
    I use your product all the time, and love it!

    I think RegVac is the best. Congratulations. From a brazilian friend / São Paulo

Kevin Reynolds
    RegVac has been great! I would not have registered if it weren't. Thanks for a great program.

Roy Lofquist
    I was recently involved in a major project ($2 million) for The City of Phoenix Water Services Department. We had four programmers trying to maintain version control as we developed more than 120 complex COM objects - mostly Controls with up to 100 constituent controls and five major DLL's.
    It would have been impossible without Regvac! Regvac was on the tool bar and was the first thing tried whenever "funny" things started to happen.
    Hooray for Regvac!!

Pat Clarke
    You have a great progam.. wouldn't be without it. Used it for ages in Win98SE, just as valued with Win2K. More, in fact, since restoring registry is more difficult.

    Great product! Keep up the good work!

Jean Godier
    I am very satisfied with RegVac by far superior to others e.g. Regclean.
    As they say in Belgium: "Zo verder werken, Ray"

Bob Moorehead
    RegVac is by far the best registry cleaner I have found.

Lydia McGraw
    RegVac is a very good program, that I can't live without for my computer. It has saved my butt, alot!
    Thank you for designing the program, and being online.

Nolan J. Noecker
    I love RegVac and recommend it to all of my clients. I would not want to run XP without it.

Matt Kisiel, Owner
Computer Majic

    I like your product and think that it is of a high quality standard.

Eric Howard
    Your program is GREAT!!!

Richard S. Wexler
    RegVac has helped me correct many user errors.

Veronique Pascal
    I appreciate RegVac. It's a good product. I never had any problem with it and I use it often. It really helps.

Oliver Gebuhrer
    I have the greatest possible appreciation for RegVac and only regret not to have known of it before when my notebook broke down.

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